(NOTE: Prices are stated in U.S. Dollars and are suggested "donations" to cover the cost of making these herbal products available to people.


ANTISEPTIC WASH FOR WOUNDS, SKIN PROBLEMS, ACNE (Formerly called SKIN/ACNE FORMULA Tincture) -- 1 oz. $6.00; 2 oz. $12.00.
White Sage leaf, Usnea, Oregon Grape root, Plantain leaf, Canaigre root (Wild Rhubarb), Chaparral leaf, Black Walnut hull, plus Tea Tree oil and Lavender oil, alcohol. I use this as a healing antiseptic for wounds, sores, pimples, or other skin eruptions. Shake well and pour onto cotton pad to apply to cleansed skin or wound. For external use only. Reported to fight infections. (�The only thing I�ve found that controls my adult acne problem.�)

BREATH RESCUE FORMULA TINCTURE -- 2 oz. $12.00 Alcohol extractions of Gum Weed (Grindelia squarrosa), Yerba Santa (Eriodictyon spp.), Osha root (Ligusticum porteri), Usnea Lichen (Usnea spp.) and Lobelia (Lobelia inflata). Reported to thin mucous and clear breathing passages, and is an expectorant; it is especially good for chronic bronchitis, asthma and emphysema. Do not take internally during pregnancy. Can be used in hot water for steam inhalation therapy.

For intestinal and systemic dysbiosis, especially when caused by overgrowth of Candida albicans and other parasitical flora. The herbs in this formula are reported to fight yeast, fungus, bacteria, virus and other infectious organisms; encourage and strengthen immune system response; cleanse and purify the blood; and normalize blood chemistry. Follow treatment with Lactobacillus acidophilus supplementation to restore �friendly� bacteria in the intestines. Contains: alcohol extractions of Desert Willow leaf and flower (Chilopsis linearis), Oregon Grape root (Mahonia aquifolia), Usnea (Usnea spp.), Cleavers (Galium aparine), Echinacea root (Echinacea purpurea) and Crucifixion Thorn (Canotia holacantha), alcohol. Note: Crucifixion Thorn is an active and effective inhibitor of intestinal protozoa.

COLD AND FLU Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
Osha root, Echinacea root, Usnea, Licorice root, Mormon Tea, White Willow Bark, alcohol. I feel this mixture stimulates and enhances the immune system response and interferon production; some of these herbs are reported to be antimicrobial, antiseptic; soothes/anesthetizes sore throat pain, cough; bronchial irritation; anti-spasmodic, decongestant, expectorant, analgesic, reduces fever, removes toxins. Allow a one week break after 10 days of use. Do not take internally during pregnancy. May raise blood pressure. (�Really relieves my cold symptoms; shortens the cold�s duration.�)

EXPECTORANT/DECONGESTANT Tincture-- 2 oz. $12.00
Horehound, Mullein leaf, Osha root, Wild Cherry bark, Mormon Tea, Yerba Santa leaf, alcohol. Reported to thin mucous and encourage productive expectoration to clear lungs and bronchial passages. Might temporarily elevate blood pressure.

ESSIAC TINCTURE -- 2 oz. $12.00
This is an alcohol tincture of the herbs in the Essiac tea mixture. Contains Burdock root, Sheep Sorrel, Turkey Rhubarb root, Slippery Elm bark, alcohol. Reported to be a blood purifier and enhances the body's ability to fight and resist cancer.

HAY FEVER FORMULA Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
Osha root, Mormon Tea, Licorice root, Yerba Santa leaf, Reishi Mushroom, Astragalus root, Chaparral leaf, and Ginger root, alcohol. I take one dropper two or three times per day to relieve pollen-induced allergy symptoms. Discontinue or reduce dose if blood pressure elevates. Use only with advice of physician if pregnant.

HAY FEVER 2 COMBINATION Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00 Osha root, Yerba Santa leaf, White Willow bark, Wild Cherry bark, Mullein leaf, Horehound, Reishi Mushroom, Usnea, Chaparral leaf, Ginger root, alcohol. Shake well. This formula is for those who have problems with high blood pressure and want to avoid the herbs that can elevate it. Use only with the advice of physician if pregnant.

IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00 An alcohol tincture combination of Schizandra berry (Schizandra chinensis), Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum, Pau D�Arco (Tabecuia impetiginosa), Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceous), Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Usnea (Usnea sp.), Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) and bee Propolis. The ingredients in this combination are reported to stimulate, activate, strengthen and regulate immune system response. It is also reported to be antibacterial, antiviral, vulnerary, antibiotic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-allergenic and antiseptic. Use externally for wounds and skin diseases. Do not take internally during pregnancy.

INFECTION FIGHTER TINCTURE -- 2 oz. $12.00 Echinacea root (Echinacea angustafolia, E. Purpurea), usnea (Usnea spp.), Oregon grape root (Mahonia aquafolia), goldenseal root (Hydrastis canadensis), alcohol extractions. Reported to be antimicrobial, fights viral, bacterial, yeast & fungus infections internally and externally; enhance immune system response time and efficiency. Internal: anti-inflammatory and healing for mucous membranes. External--wounds, skin inflammations & infections. Cautions: no internal use during pregnancy; internal use may raise blood pressure; allow one week break after 10 days use; might need to restore friendly intestinal flora after internal use.

SLEEP FORMULA TINCTURE -- 2 oz. $12.00 Valerian (Valeriana officinalis), Kava Kava (Piper methysticum), Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata), Chamomile (Matricaria recutita), St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum). Reported to help the mind and body to relax so that restful sleep is possible. One to two droppers full before your sleep time is reported to be helpful.


BEE PROPOLIS tincture � 2 oz. $12.00
An alcohol extraction of Bee propolis. Propolis has been found effective as a vulnerary, antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiallergenic, immune system enhancer, antiseptic and antibacterial, even with antibiotic-resistant strains. A study at Columbia University found propolis to inhibit cancer cell growth. Use topically for cold sores, skin lesions, rashes, acne and burns. Note: bees produce propolis by gathering plant resin, then combining it with nectar, honey, pollen, wax, and their own enzymes. Bees use it to line the hive opening and patch hive breaches. Propolis protects the hive from contaminants and sterilizes returning bees as they enter the hive. It is a stabilizer, cement, insulator, filler, varnish for the comb, and antiseptic.

BLACK WALNUT HULL Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Juglans nigra ) � Black walnut hull alcohol extraction; said to be a strong antiseptic, antimicrobial used internally or externally to fight virus, bacteria, fungus, yeast and parasite infections such as cold sores, boils, warts, pimples, eczema, toe fungus, poison ivy/oak, ringworm, scabies, intestinal worms, dysentery, wound infections; toxic blood purifier; helps promote bowel regularity.

CANAIGRE Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Rumex hymenosepalus ) (Wild Rhubarb, Red Dock, Tanner�s Dock) � Canaigre tuber alcohol extraction; reported to be reported to be an astringent and hemostatic wash for cuts, scrapes, sores, inflammations, hives, contact dermatitis, chafing, rash, acne, burns, sunburn; use as a mouthwash or gargle for ulcerations of the gums and oral mucosa and for sore throat. Some people use it internally as a laxative and digestive tonic. Do not take internally when pregnant.

CHAPARRAL LEAF Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Larrea tridentata) � Chaparral leaf alcohol extraction. Reported to be antimicrobial--good externally for first aid antiseptic; liniment for sore joints. Limited internal therapy for impaired liver metabolism, allergies, arthritis, autoimmunity dysfunction. Internal use--small doses, limited duration.

CLEAVERS Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Galium aparine) � fresh plant tincture. Reported to be alterative, astringent, diuretic, antipyretic, laxative; tones and soothes irritations of the kidneys and urinary tract; helps break fevers; as a lymphatic cleanser will reduce swollen glands and tonsillitis; mild, safe and effective.

CRUCIFIXION THORN Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Canotia holacantha) Crucifixion Thorn tree twig alcohol extraction. [Note: This species of Arizona Crucifixion Thorn Tree grows in northwestern Arizona at elevations from 2000 feet to 4500 feet. Canotia, and the lower altitude Crucifixion Thorn, Castela emoryi or Holacantha emoryi, commonly called Chaparro Amargosa, have both been used traditionally by indigenous people for the same medicinal purposes. Castela emoryi is now declared to be an endangered species in southern California. The northern Arizona Crucifixion Thorn is plentiful. The medicinal properties and effects of the two Crucifixion thorns here described seem to be identical except that the southern plant tends to taste stronger.] Reported to be an active inhibitor of intestinal protozoa, such as Giardia lamblia and Entamoeba histolytica. I use this to prevent or limit the magnitude of infections before they occur and to fight active infections. Do not use during pregnancy without consulting a physician. NOTE: Chaparro Amargosa tincture also available upon request at the same price. (�I won�t travel in foreign countries without this.� DH in UT)

(Chilopsis linearis) (Also called Mimbre) Alcohol extraction of flowers and leaves. Reported to be very effective against fungus and Candida yeast infections, used both internally and externally. Apply topically to external fungus or yeast infections and irritations. Can be used as a poultice by saturating sterile gauze and applying to the affected area. For yeast or fungus irritation on skin in tender places of the body it would be more comfortable to use "Gentle Balm," which also contains Desert Willow. (See products, salves page)

ECHINACEA ROOT Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Echinacea angustifolia/E. Purpurea) Echinacea root alcohol extraction. Internal use reported to enhance the action of the immune system, increasing response time and efficiency. Use only at onset of illness, not more than 10 days/allow one week off before resuming use. Also, can be applied on a gauze pad externally to poison snake and spider bites--said to neutralize poison and reaction.

( Sambucus nigra) An alcohol extraction of elder flowers and ripe berries. Used by many as a blood purifier and to normalize bowel function, for relief of allergy symptoms, colds, coughs, flu and other viral infections, to calm colic, relieve urinary tract complaints, edema and rheumatic pains. Said to strengthen the immune system. The flavonoid content is said to be helpful to strengthen capillaries and thus healing to bruises.

GINGER ROOT Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Zingiberis officinalis) � Ginger root alcohol extraction. Reported to be anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, helps prevent internal blood clots. Can be used internally to relieve indigestion, gas, cold, flu, fever, arthritis symptoms; to soothe abdominal, uterine, gastrointestinal tract cramping; to relieve and prevent motion sickness. It is suggested to use it with caution in small doses to relieve morning sickness; large doses can promote menstruation flow. (�Ginger root is the only sure thing to relieve me of motion sickness. Now I can ride in the backseat of the car.�)

GOLDENSEAL ROOT Tincture 2 oz. $12.00
(Hydrastis canadensis ) � Goldenseal root alcohol extraction. Reported to be antiseptic, antimicrobial: kills virus, bacteria, fungus and yeast; is an alterative, tonic, laxative. I use it internally for infection, inflammation of mucous membranes; relieves symptoms of cold and flu; aids indigestion and constipation. Externally I use it on open sores, inflammations, eczema, ringworm, cold sores, canker sores and itchy skin afflictions. Dilute in water to gargle for tonsillitis and other throat problems, rinse mouth to heal and relieve gum disease. When taken internally can raise blood pressure; will destroy friendly intestinal bacteria; can reduce B vitamin absorption. Do not take internally during pregnancy. Do not use internally for more than two weeks at a time.

JUNIPER BERRY Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Juniperus spp .) � Crushed juniper berries and needles alcohol extraction. I use this internally for urinary tract infections, to reduce swelling and inflammation in joints, relieve gout, reduce uric acid content of blood, enhance digestion, relieve gas and cramps. Said to normalize blood sugar metabolism. Do not use with kidney problems.

LICORICE ROOT Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Glycyrrhiza lepidota ) � Licorice root alcohol extraction. Reported to be antimicrobial, stimulates interferon production, antispasmodic, expectorant, good for lungs, stomach, intestines, spleen, liver, female reproductive system, mild laxative helps to eliminate toxins, enhances effectiveness of other herbs.

MORMON TEA Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Ephedra spp .) � Mormon tea plant alcohol extraction. I use this as a mild stimulant, and decongestant; it seems to help asthma, bronchitis, and respiratory conditions, congestive sinus problems, reduces allergies, mild diuretic so useful for urinary tract problems. Can elevate blood pressure.

OREGON GRAPE ROOT Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Mahonia spp.) � Oregon grape root alcohol extraction. Reported to be antimicrobial and antiseptic for skin and intestinal tract, bitter tonic for digestion/stomach, stimulant to liver metabolism, blood purifier, chronic skin disease (eczema, herpes, acne), stimulates glands, overcomes constipation. Many people report that its blood purification properties relieve symptoms of PMS and other toxic symptoms. (�Helped me feel myself again. Got rid of the �snarls� and stressful feeling and I lost weight.�)

OSHA ROOT Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Ligusticum porteri) � Osha root alcohol extraction. Reported to be antimicrobial, antiseptic. Internal: I use this as a good cold and flu therapy, to soothes/anesthetize sore throat and cough, bronchial irritation, indigestion. It is also reported to relieve symptoms of altitude sickness. External: wound wash and infection fighter. (�Nothing relieves and stops a sore throat and cough faster, with a much shorter duration for the illness time.�)

PLANTAIN LEAF Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Plantago major ) � Plantain leaf alcohol extraction. I find this soothing internally for diarrhea, stomach ache and ulcers, bronchitis, kidney and bladder infections, acute neuralgia, hemorrhoids. Externally, I use plantain for skin rashes, itches, insect bites and stings, snake bites, burns and sores. It seems to neutralize the poisons and reaction.

ST. JOHN�S WORT Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Hypericum perforatum) � Fresh St. John�s Wort flower alcohol extraction; reported to work as an anti-depressant, and mood lifter. Some people experience skin irritation or rashes and sun sensitivity when using St. John�s wort.

USNEA Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Usnea spp.) � Usnea lichen alcohol extraction. Reported to be antibiotic, antimicrobial, antifungal. I use it to fight viral, bacterial, yeast and fungus infections internally and externally, and as a good antiseptic wash for wounds. (�Usnea got rid of my infection in three days after four rounds of antibiotics failed me.�)

WHITE WILLOW BARK Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Salix alba ) � White willow bark alcohol extraction. I use this internally to relieve pain, reduce fever, for headache, hay fever, neuralgia, joint pain, as an analgesic for kidney, urethra, bladder irritation, as an antiseptic for wounds, ulcerations, eczema, inflammations, and to gargle for throat or tonsil pain.

WORMWOOD TINCTURE � 2 oz. $12.00
(Artemisia tridentata) � Alcohol extraction of leaves and flowers. Internal use: Said to be a stomach bitter for indigestion; stimulates sweating for fever reduction; relieves crampy menstruations; reported to help to expel roundworm and pinworm infections; strongly aromatic; antibacterial, antimalarial, antifungal, antiamoebic, immunomodulator; anti-inflammatory; smooth muscle relaxant. Do not use internally during pregnancy. External use: antiseptic wound wash.

YARROW TINCTURE -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Achillea millefolium) An alcohol extraction of flowers and leaves. Used by many as a stomach tonic, mild laxative, to stop bleeding externally and internally, to reduce pain and fever, to help shrink mild hemorrhoids and polyps, decrease menstruation, helps heal sore gums and can stop tooth ache, soothing to sun burns and other burns. Dilute and spray on to repel mosquitos, and for burns.

YERBA MANSA Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Anemopsis californica) An alcohol extraction of Yerba Mansa roots. Reported to be antibacterial, antifungal, diuretic and anti-inflammatory; works well for subacute congestion in mucous membranes; as a "hot" medicine, it is used for "cold" poorly healing conditions of the mouth, intestinal and urinary tracts and lungs. Said to help heal mouth, gum and throat sores, and ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. As a diuretic, it is said to stimulate the excretion of uric acid, which might aid many kinds of joint inflammation problems. Its aromatic properties may make it useful for nasal and lung congestion. Some people use it externally for abrasions, contusions and athlete's foot.

YERBA SANTA Tincture -- 2 oz. $12.00
(Eriodictyon spp .) � Yerba Santa leaf alcohol extraction. Reported to be an expectorant, bronchial dilator and decongestant. I find this useful in chest colds, bronchitis, asthma and hay fever. Also useful for mild bladder and urethra infections, and for dysentery and diarrhea.

NOTE: (Ask for availability of other tinctures)

Reported uses for these herbs is not FDA approved. Reports are from personal use and the experiences of others who use herbs for medicinal purposes. Always shake tinctures and tincture combinations before using.