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by Dr. Tom McNeilis, D.O.

Every woman should supplement their diet with some form of organic Silica for the rest of her life, because osteoporosis afflicts 3 out of 4 women over the age of 65!

Dr. Louis Kervran, having studied calcium assimilation for many years in animals, concluded that animals do not eat calcium, yet they produce calcium in their bodies. He discovered that animals eat foods rich in minerals that actually biologically tansmutate into other minerals required by the animals for metabolic processes. Since bone grows and replaces itself often, Dr. Kervran showed how organic plant-derived Silica transmutates in the body to aid in bone production and strengthening.

Oxygen Nutrition's BONE FORMULA represents years of research done by Dr. Kervran.

Dr. Kervran changed the way health professionals looked at mineral assimilation, especially calcium. Today, there are literally thousands of health professionals and researchers that can attest to how poorly calcium is absorbed by the body.

Perhaps this is the reason why 20 million American women suffer from osteoporosis, an increase of 10 million over the last 6 years. Perhaps this is why there are over 300,000 hip replacement surgeries a year in America.

Calcium is the largest selling mineral supplement in America. The truth has been known for years: calcium supplements cannot be effectively assimilated by the body.

Dr. Lawrence Riggs of the MAYO CLINIC determined after studying hundreds of women taking calcium supplements for several years, that there was no correlation between calcium supplementation and bone loss or gain.

Animals ingest Silica, not calcium. Silica is a crystalline compound occurring abundantly as quartz, sand and many other minerals that make up 26% of the earth's crust. If we look at Dr. Kervran's research on Biological Transmutation we can correlate that chickens, for example, lay a calcium-rich egg every day and eat grains and seeds that contain very little calcium. A cow produces 2 to 3 gallons of calcium-rich milk every day, yet the cow's diet is low in calcium. Grasses are approximately .001% calcium. The truth is that animals naturally produce up to 20 times more calcium than they ingest. Studies have proven that animals eat Silica-rich seeds, plants, nuts, herbs and grasses, and produce calcium as a terminal waste product.

If a calcium block or calcium pellets are put out for animals, they will not eat it. Humans are the only animals that ingest calcium; in fact, we go to the store and buy what animals consider a waste product and will not eat: CALCIUM.

Silica in the body enables proper formation of collagen under our skin and helps produce connective tissue, but Silica rapidly diminishes with age. Collagen makes up 1/3 of all body protein. Collagen underlies the beauty of the skin, hair and nails. Loss of beauty (wrinkles) and loss of health are closely identified with the loss of Silica. Silica speeds up repair of broken bones and prevents scar tissue. It restores flexibility to aging joints. These mucopolysaccarides or glycosaminoglyucanes with elastin and collagen make up connective tissues.

Diseases such as osteoporosis, PMS, hypertension, depression and many others are often the result of a calcium deficiency. Ingesting calcium supplements is not the answer. They do not work and never have. Humans cannon assimilate a waste product such as synthesized calcium because the body does not know how to metabolize it. This type of calcium collects in the organs, tissues and joints causing progressive osteoporosis, arthritis, stones and over a hundred other complications.

The richest source of plant-derived Silica is Bamboo Gum; the second richest source comes from the herb Equisetum (Spring Horsetail). These two ingredients are the key for supplementing ones diet with nature's finest organic Silica and are contained in Oxygen Nutrition's BONE FORMULA.

In my opinion plant-derived Silica is the best natural supportive treatment for osteoporosis and calcium deficiency diseases. Many physicians have discovered that plant-derived Silica has been shown to dramatically heal fractures and increase bone density and bone strength. Not Calcium supplements.

(NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Oxygen Nutrition's Bone Formula and the above information is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. (c) 2008 Oxygen Nutrition Co., Salt Lake City, UT 800-250-5252 www.oxynutrition.com)


When I was 30 years old I had to have a hysterectomy because of severe endometriosis disease. Because of genetic Raynaud's Syndrome (a circulation disease) I was prone to blood clots, so hormone replacement therapy was considered too risky. For ten years I took a very excellent and expensive calcium supplement to try to keep my bones strong. At age 40 I went snow skiing for the first time in my life and managed to fall and break my left leg (tibia and fibula), ankle and heel plate. The doctor had to put me back together during surgery with a metal plate and many screws. However, my bones were in such an advanced state of osteoporosis that they would not hold the screws. After nine months of complications I again had surgery to remove all the metal. The healing process was very slow and I had to use crutches for most of two years.

A couple of years after my leg had healed I was introduced to a company that was then called Body Alive, now Oxygen Nutrition. I attended a seminar where a biochemist explained Dr. Louis Kervran's studies, the principle of biological transmutation, and the benefits of supplementing the diet with Silica-rich plants. This company was introducing Dr. Tom McNeilis' Bone Formula, a supplement containing these plants. I began taking twice the recommended daily dosage because I needed to rebuild my bone density and felt I needed more than a maintenance dose. After being on the Bone Formula capsules for about two years I had to have X-rays done to check on the condition of my right hip which had been painful for many years. The doctor actually thought he had someone else's X-rays because my bones did not look like they had when I broke my leg. The doctor determined that my bones were now at a normal bone density level and asked me how I had accomplished that. I feel it was Dr. Tom McNeilis' Bone Formula by Oxygen Nutrition that had healed my bones. And not only my bones benefited, but also my skin, nails, hair and all connective tissue.

Today, at age 62, I continue to take the maintenance dose of Dr. Tom McNeilis' Bone Formula capsules by Oxygen Nutrition and my bone density is maintaining a level between 98 to 100% determined by an annual ultra sound test of my heel. I feel very blessed to have learned about Bone Formula and that it is available for me. As an herbalist I could make my own bone supplement by collecting the Silica-rich plants and preparing them for my use, but this Bone Formula supplement is already so well made from excellent sources and balanced just right for my body that I feel it is very beneficial for me to use it. I can highly recommend it to both men and women who care about their skeletal, connective tissue, skin, nails and hair health.

I am making Bone Formula available with my own products. Look for it on the "Salves, Balms and Misc." page of my products on this website.