Cat and Hal will be teaching at the following Events:

February 2016 WINTERCOUNT Primitive Skills Camp Cat and Hal are planning to attend Wintercount in 2016.

September 13-19, 2015 RABBITSTICK Primitive Skills Camp Hal and Cat will be there.

Cat will not be teaching at Slickrock 2015 BOSS SLICKROCK GATHERING in Boulder, UT

July 2015 Echoes in Time Gathering Cat won't be there in 2015

WOODSMOKE Is July 12-18, 2015 WOODSMOKE Old Style Camping and Bushcraft Skills Camp in Idaho
Cat is not planning to attend Woodsmoke in 2015

May 26 - 30, 2015 Between The Rivers Gathering sponsored by Bridges to the Past. Cat and Hal will not be teaching at this third annual gathering.

Above you can see students in one of Cat's classes at Wintercount 2004

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If you have an interested group or are putting on a gathering, seminar or conference which could include information or classes about medicinal herbs and you would like to have Cat teach, please contact her about scheduling.

Cat showing Echoes 04 class plantain and prunella growing in a field.

LINKS FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Bridges to the Past is a non-profit organization dedicated to education and preservation of our shared human history through the skills of our ancestors. Located in rural north eastern Washington State, you can attend workshops on a wide variety of subjects. Check out their website. Matt and Michelle teach you about the ancient method of tanning animal skins, making clothing and useful items from tanned leather, and more. Laninga up in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada collects wood burls and forest fungi. If you like to carve things from wood, see his site. Cano Ramirez is a native of Arizona. He studies and practices native American art and primitive technology. His art includes working with shell, feathers, gourd art, pine needle basketry and Indian beadwork. A great source for natural, virgin coconut oil which is the healthiest oil you can use.

Backtracks, LLC information and photos from Rabbitstick and Wintercount Primitive Skills Camps, and information about the Society For Primitive Technology.

The Boulder Outdoor Survival School Lots of wonderful classes to help you to be self-reliant in a primitive outdoor setting. Also, information about the Slickrock gathering in May. The website of Arthur Haines: a website dedicated to foraging, wildcrafted medicine, and primitive living skills. Classes, gatherings and other great information. Learn about doTERRA certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Original Trade Eric Scott has wonderful essential oils, Himalayan salt, Persian carpets and original music and arts.

Butterfly Express website for great essential oils and good prices.

Saskatoon Circle Gathering in Sept. Right after Rabbitstick, plan to attend an intimate gathering Sept. 27 - Oct. 3 in Washington State.

Total Hospitality Concept Inc. Arthur Reich has good prices on many items useful for making herbal products. This is where I get those granite mortar and pestles we all love!