Quality herbal products and education about medicinal herbs


Cathy (Cat) Farneman has been using medicinal plants for most of her life.  She started growing specific medicinal herbs in her garden in 1973.  She began collecting medicinal herbs from the countryside for her own use and making herbal medicinal compounds about twenty years ago.  This quickly grew into sharing these herbal “medicines” with family and friends. Cathy grew up in Southern California and has lived in most of the western states.  She and her husband, Hal, travel all over the west collecting medicinal herbs, often hiking far into the desert, into forests, or onto mountains to get away from roads and other polluting sources in order to gather the plants.  They have established an herbal trading network in order to get herbs from areas where they cannot always travel.  The process of preserving the collected herbs, extracting the medicinal properties and making useful herbal medicinal compounds is presently one of the major focuses of their lives.

Cathy learned about using the medicinal properties of herbs from several seminars, training courses and classes, as well as from reading over 40 books on this subject.  She has been fortunate to have several herbalists and “medicine” people give her hands-on training in these practices.  Having spent most of her childhood up in trees, Cathy has found a special affinity for plants and nature, especially a deep connection with medicinal plants.

Cathy and Hal attend Primitive Skills Gatherings in several states where Cathy teaches a classes on Medicinal uses of plants. This course includes instruction on identifying and collecting medicinal plants, preserving them, and making medicinal compounds from them.  In the process of sharing useful information, Cathy also learns about medicinal herbs from areas of the country and world that are unfamiliar to her, thus ever expanding her knowledge and use of medicinal plants.


Cathy first started with herbal teas.  Then, as stronger medicinal properties were needed, she learned to  use an alcohol extraction method called tincturing.  From there she expanded into making herbal oils and salves formulated specifically for the various special needs of her family.    Most of the combination herbal tinctures, such as “Cold and Flu Tincture,” came about from taking doses of several different tinctures at once to control symptoms and fight a microbial  infection of some sort.  After researching the effectiveness and possible contraindications of combining these herbs, she finally decided to mix the desired tinctures together to create a “remedy” that was easier to take. Today, Cat’s herbal medicine cupboard is quite full of a variety of different herbs and several types of medicinal compounds.

Most information on medicinal herbs comes from oral and written traditions of use among people over the centuries.  Many uses developed long before we had modern pharmaceutical medicines available. Many of today’s pharmaceuticals are based on synthesized versions of the healing properties found originally in medicinal plants.  Extensive testing of medicinal herbs has been done in Europe and Asia and much of the information we have today is based upon the results of that testing and use.  Statements about the use and effectiveness of herbal medicines are based upon personal use and experience. No claims are being made about healing or about what experience you might have with them. Caution should be exercised when using herbal medicines and if you are under treatment for a specific ailment you should consult with your medical professional before using herbal medicines.

The effects of medicinal herbs are more subtle than most pharmaceuticals.  The healing properties of medicinal plants are, for the most part, meant to kill the invading organism and reduce the symptoms to relieve stress to the body so that the body can heal itself.  They often help to reduce the toxic effect of disease, which aids in the healing process.


The tinctures Cat makes are mostly alcohol extracts.  Some are designed to treat the symptoms of short term illness such as colds and flu, internal infections, etc.  They also shorten the duration that these infections are usually suffered.  Others are from herbs which have specific medicinal properties that target specific problems. A brief description of the medicinal properties and usage is on the label of each bottle.


The various salves available from Cathy are designed for specific areas of need and have herbs which target specific topical needs such as burns, wounds, rashes, insect bites and stings.  They are designed to prevent infection, increase circulation to the problem area, hasten cell regeneration and healing, and relieve pain, itching, and swelling. In the case of insect bites and stings, the herbs in the salves help to neutralize the toxic reaction that can come with the bite or sting, thus reducing the swelling, itching and pain.

Additionally, these salves have essential oils of herbs which have aromatic properties that can be used to relieve sinus pressure and chest congestion, thus opening nasal and breathing passages when infection symptoms have congested them. The aroma is also soothing and relaxing.  Uses for the other salves and balms are described on the labels.

To contact us: mailing address is P.O. Box 5, Spring City, UT 84662 and Cat's cell phone is 435-668-4876. Email us at catfarneman@gmail.com.